Friday, 13 November 2009

JR Cash - The mud, the blood & the beer

Something else from a couple of months ago.
"Hello I'm Johnny Cash"

Bruce Campbell - 'Groovy'

I did this some time ago now... I still want to produce a younger version with Bruce playing the long suffering Ash (from The Evil Dead & Army Of Darkness) I'm particularly pleased with the hair but still not sure I nailed the likeness (the reference is from a pretty recent pic, hence the extra weight and grey hair) or as Bruce said "Ash the aged". 

Managed to get some further feed back from Bruce last week, he seems to like it
"Hail to the King, baby"

Keith Richards

Another portrait, this time its the walnut faced guitar legend (and personal hero of mine) Keith Richards. Originally I had inteded this to be a monochrome affair, however I eventually decided to throw a little colour at him... as always thoughts are welcome.

Happy Mondays

Heres a quick sketch I did recently of Shaun & Bez from the Happy Mondays. Had a lot of fun with this one and as a result I'm gonna be doing a lot more quick studies/sketches...