Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dog House Music

After re-visiting his albums recently and loving 'the three string trance blues' I couldn't help but want to sketch this guy. Still lots to do, but trying my best to keep it loose, hope you like.

Update: I should also mention that I managed to meet Steve at Glastonbury and show him my portrait & my Johnny Cast one too.

"She-it maan, you a legend, you a BOSS"

A Quick Sketch

After deciding I was spending too long on recent pieces I thought it best to get back to some sketching, so I tried my best not to think too much and knock this up pretty quick.
Anyway, thoughts as always are welcome, click for a larger view... Hope you like it.

I was VERY pleased to see that Reece Shearsmith of The League Of Gentlemen & Psychoville approved of my efforts, as a result Psychoville may well be the subject of my next painting?