Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My first post - please be gentle

Hello there! Been meaning to get round for this for some time.
To start here are a few things I've been working on over the last few months
So here goes, first up...

Simon Pegg

Still a work in progress but pretty pleased with this one (so far)
even more so as the man himself messaged me recently.

To say that this made my day is somewhat of an understatement.

here it is in stages.

Stephen Fry

A quick sketchbook drawing that I decided to work up a little.
(not much more to say really)

Mathew Horne
A while back I bumped into Mat and after a couple of drinks he asked if I'd paint him.
No problem, I said. Anyhow here it is.


  1. You do astonishing work: great caricatures, but their realism goes deeper than that. I would love to read a description of one of your works in progress.

  2. Thankyou! I'm going to try an do that on a post very soon. Lots more to come

  3. Nice work, ooh- would you do an in-progress time-lapse thingy???
    What size are these Jamie?


  4. Well, thats the plan Fiona, we'll see how it goes. (these are A3, except the Jagger one)

  5. These are terrific. It must be so hard to be a distinctive artist in this field, but you are one. What a change from the talentless and phoney world of bedsit sculptors etc.

    site name should be 'the drawn id'

  6. Wow, thanks david! - it really is appreciated.
    Do come back soon (I will be updating more regularly from now on!)