Friday, 23 July 2010

Chris Morris

"Anyone for Cake?"

A work in progress snippet here of Chris Morris.
I've really taken my time with this one, mainly because I have been a fan of all his work for years and just wanted to do him justice. This has proved pretty difficult, Chris is incredibly illusive and notoriously camera shy, as a result sourcing reference pics has been the main bug bear of this project.

Consequently I have had to work from screen shots, along with some more recent shots of him,
also having to don a suit an pose for my own reference.
I decided to base the 
peice on the Drugs episode of the acclaimed series Brass Eye, in which
(for those who havn't seen it) Morris lampoons the media's take on drugs in society.

Above is a little tease of the work so far... although it should be finished very soon, all being well the next couple of days...

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  1. "Cake affects a part of the brain known as "Shatner's Bassoon", which controls our perception of time. A kid in Prague was run over by a tram because he thought he had two months to cross the road." Anyone who can get Noel Edmonds to say this to camera so sincerely is a God.